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Fly like a red-tailed hawk along portions of the Niagara River.  Soar above one of the most beautiful areas of Ontario.  Visit historic forts, vineyards, orchards, treacherous white-water and the world’s most famous waterfalls. 

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Experience the Niagara in 360° / Virtual Reality technology through four immersive short stories.  These stories bring a new dimension to the documentary, allowing viewers to see the Niagara in a completely new and exciting medium.

  • Niagara Falls:  VR allows you to experience the entire Niagara Falls basin as if you were there in person, watching and hearing the most powerful falls in North America.


  • Laura Secord Homestead: Explore every part of Laura Secord’s homestead as you hear the dramatic story of her brave mission to save the British.


  • The Jet Boats: This is the most exciting Jet boat ride in Canada. And with VR you are sitting at the front of the boat, crashing through some of the most dangerous water on the planet.



A lot of work goes into making documentaries. Check out some of our behind-the-scenes videos to gain a better understanding of the region and the crew. 

Behind the Scenes - We're Back

Stickers -   The Red-Tailed Hawk

Behind the Scenes - The Drone Story

Filming from Jet Boats

This is a Park?


Cutting Room Floor

Getting the Shot


It takes a fair size crew to put together a project like this.  Here are some of our key people. 


Mitch Azaria – Executive Producer

As the Executive Producer of Good Earth Productions, Mitch has overseen over 200 hours of factual production.  He has been honoured with a Hot Doc award and seven Gemini nominations.

Andrea Minty – Producer & Writer

Andrea is responsible for all of the production logistics and budgets.  She has managed all finance, administration, legal & business affairs for over 150 television documentaries.

John Morrison –Director

John had the task of working out all of the field logistics.  He is an award -winning documentarian.  He was also the Director of “Daily Planet” on The Discovery Channel for nearly two decades. 


Peter Warren – Director of Photography

Peter is an award -winning cinematographer. He set the visual approach for the documentary and was also our primary Drone pilot and operator


Mathew Knegt– Design and Animation

Matt is a tech guy who loves creating innovative animations. He brought history to life for TRIPPING The Niagara using Cinema 4D and 3DS Max. 


Matt West – Behind the Scenes 

Matt captured the behind the scenes footage from TRIPPING The Niagara. He then edited and produced the mini online documentaries.


TVO –  Broadcaster

TVO's Jane Jankovic and Linda Fong gave us great editorial advice throughout the process. From the big decisions on which location to choose to the minutia of font and writing style, they were instrumental in producing the documentary.

Virtual Reality - Those Canadians

They are a multi-lingual Ottawa-based production collective whose specialization is digital media content.  Those Canadians produced the six VR-360 stories that accompany the broadcast documentary. This content will be available online.

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