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Take a remarkable three-hour canoe trip on this TVO Original documentary.
Premiering April 21st on TVO, and TVO YouTube. 

Learn more about some of the interesting places along the French River.  These webisodes will be available on April 21, 2024.


Edible Plants along the French River

Norm Dokis has a real connection to his past and his land.  He is a member of the Dokis First Nations and he is an expert in nature interpretation for the French River area.  One of his specialties is native plants, both edible and medicinal.  Norm takes us for a walk along the French River and introduces us to a number of plants and talks about how they were used in ancient times and how they are still being used today by the Dokis.

The Ghost Town of French River Village 

For forty years, the lower French River was the location of a lucrative lumber operation. The industry was so large that a town was built to house the thousands of people involved. Nearly a hundred years ago, when the town was abandoned, some fascinating remnants were left behind;  a steam tank from an curiously built Alligator boat, a crumbling lighthouse and an enormous old stone chimney from a sawdust furnace. The fascinating story of this ghost town is the same as many in northern Ontario. Bustling timber industry to busted town.


Heritage French River Cottage Restoration 

Along the banks of the French River are some of Northern Ontario’s early cottages. One of the oldest, Shangri-La, is now owned by Alex Strahan who is renovating his rambling cottage back to its original 1920’s form.  Alex has a deep appreciation for the river and a keen understanding of how cottages came to be in Northern Ontario.


A lot of work goes into making documentaries.  Check back each week for a new behind the scenes video.  



Mitch Azaria – Executive Producer

As the Executive Producer of Good Earth Productions, Mitch has overseen more than 200 hours of factual production.  He has been honoured with a Hot Doc award and seven Gemini nominations.

Andrea Minty – Producer & Writer

Andrea manages all elements of the production from logistics, budget, legal and business affairs through to distribution of the programs.  She has managed over 225 television documentaries and series. 

​John Morrison –Director

John has the task of working out all of the field logistics.   He is an award -winning documentarian.  He was also the Director of “Daily Planet” on The Discovery Channel for nearly two decades. 


Peter Warren – Director of Photography

Peter is an award -winning cinematographer. He set the visual approach for the documentary and was also our primary Drone pilot and operator.


Mark Alberts – 3D Animation

Mark is a master at creating innovative animations. He brought history to life for TRIPPING The French River. 


Matt West – Digital Media & Behind the Scenes 

Matt directed the three digital media stories that accompany the broadcast documentary.  He also created our behind the scenes videos for social media. 

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